How to Use Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide for Website Designers

So you own a web design business and thinking of using Pinterest to showcase your work and find more clients, maybe even get more traffic to your website? 

Great! You came to the right place if you need a little help with your Pinterest marketing! 

I understand that in the world of website design, finding inspiration, sharing your work, and staying updated on the latest design trends is crucial. Pinterest, a visual discovery and bookmarking platform, has emerged as a powerful tool for website designers to achieve these goals.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your design horizons, this beginner’s guide will walk you through the basics of using Pinterest effectively.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual search engine that allows users to find and save images, articles, and other content related to their interests on virtual boards. Pinterest marketing is a valuable tool that should not be overlooked, with more than 320 million active users, 88% of whom use the platform to shop for products and services.

Pinterest is the home of inspiration, where people come to take action. Nine out of 10 people use Pinterest to get inspired about things to buy—eight of whom end up doing so. People come to Pinterest to plan for what could happen, not scroll through pictures of what already did. And that future-focused mindset is exactly what makes Pinterest so valuable as an advertising platform. People on Pinterest are ready to take action.

Why should you be on Pinterest? – aka how can a website designer use Pinterest?

As a website designer you can use Pinterest in many ways – I list all of them below – but as a business owner you might be interested the most in how to get more clicks and conversions from Pinterest, so let’s start with that.

Growing your business with Pinterest

You don’t have to think about whether your audience is on Pinterest or not – like other business owners – because the platform is full of people who are looking for inspiration for their website, so now you know that Pinterest is a great hub to find new clients. But it is also a great place to get more traffic to your blog – if you have any – and get more newsletter subscribers or more downloads for your freebie because Pinterest’s main purpose is to deliver traffic.

One way or another Pinterest is a great business tool to integrate into your sales funnel – I have a client who gets all of her work from Pinterest just by showcasing her portfolio so she doesn’t really bother using anything else to market herself. Please don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying to ditch every other platform, I am only trying to prove that Pinterest has already earned a solid spot in your sales funnel so take advantage of it.

Collaborating with your clients

Pinterest also offers a collaborative feature that allows you to invite clients to contribute to specific boards. This can be particularly useful for gathering inspiration and feedback during the design process, ensuring that your work aligns with your client’s vision.

Engaging with the community

Follow other designers, brands, and relevant accounts to discover fresh ideas and foster connections. Like, comment on, and share pins that resonate with you, and engage in conversations to expand your network. IMPORTANT! When commenting or interacting with other users, be genuine and provide meaningful insights. Avoid generic comments or self-promotion.

Discovering inspiration

Obviously! Follow your favourite designers and keywords to get inspired for your next project.

Exploring trends

Stay up-to-date with the latest design trends by exploring Pinterest’s search and discovery features and don’t forget about the Pinterest trends tool. Search for keywords related to web design, user experience, and other relevant topics to find pins that reflect current trends. This will help you evolve your design skills and keep your work fresh.

Basic market research

It is worth mentioning that the Pinterest trends tool combined with the Demographics tool can be a huge help in doing basic market research. Use this feature when thinking about new products and blog posts.

Getting started with Pinterest

Business account

If you already have a Pinterest account, make sure that you convert your personal account to a business account so you can get access to goodies like analytics, ads and more!

SEO & keyword research

My last blog post covers this topic from A-Z so I leave the link here for you below what you need to know about this topic is that without knowing Pinterest SEO and doing proper keyword research, you will not be able to succeed on Pinterest.

Read this article for more: Unlocking the Secrets of Pinterest SEO – Get More Traffic Today! 


OR here is a shortcut for You:

You’ll learn:

What Pinterest is and how it works

Setting up a business account

How to claim your website

SEO & Keywords

Different methods of keyword research

How to set up your profile for success

What Pinterest boards you need, and how to optimize them

How and what to pin

Lots of useful tips and tricks based on 6 years of Pinterest management

Your profile

Before you start using Pinterest, you need to create a profile that represents your brand and design style. Choose a profile picture that resonates with your design identity and write a clear, concise bio that highlights your skills and interests. Include a link to your website or portfolio for interested users to explore your work.

Your boards

Pinterest offers a unique opportunity to showcase your design projects and portfolio. Create a dedicated board for your own work, including website designs, UI/UX projects, and any other design-related endeavours. Make sure to add detailed descriptions to your pins, highlighting the design elements and techniques you used.

What boards to have?

Well, it really depends on what content you have but in general:

  • Website templates
  • Custom website design
  • Other services if you have like brand design or illustration – keep them on separate boards
  • Boards for your blog content – if you write about website design, marketing, SEO, etc. make

Your strategy aka Let’s get pinning

Quality over quantity! You do not have to pin 20 times a day! Start with 1-2 pins a day and work your way up as you learn what your audience likes but I definitely would not recommend pinning more than 5-6 times a day. Make sure that all your pins are keyword-rich and optimized (to learn this download your Free Pinterest Marketing Basics Workbook if you haven’t already) and focus on your own content.

Okay, but what to pin:

  • Your website templates
  • Custom designs
  • Your blog posts
  • Any other services you offer
  • Any products you offer
  • Leads to your freebies, classes or email list

If you need more inspiration meet two of my clients

Jordanne by Jodanne Co. has a new account but already doing great on Pinterest showcasing her WordPress related website design content.

Emma by Emma Troy Design creates Showit websites and smashes it on Pinterest.

Streamline your strategy with analytics 

Pinterest provides analytics tools that give you insights into the performance of your pins and boards. You can track metrics such as the number of views, clicks, and saves. Use this data to refine your content strategy and understand what resonates with your audience.

Always remember when working with Pinterest

  • Know your SEO
  • Stay Consistent
  • Create Value: Focus on curating high-quality Pins that truly resonate with your design style and interests.
  • Be patient: There is no overnight success on Pinterest


Pinterest is a fantastic resource for website designers to discover inspiration, share their work, and connect with a like-minded community. By creating a well-organized profile, curating specific Boards, and engaging thoughtfully with other Pinners, you can harness the full potential of Pinterest to enhance your design skills and grow your design career. Remember, Pinterest is not just about accumulating Pins; it’s about building a valuable resource that enriches your creative journey.

If you need a little help with your Pinterest game, make sure to check out my services! 

 Happy Pinning!